Vanessa Stern

La Dernière Crise - Frauen am Rande der Komik

The ladies show up every two months at nine in the evening. Crisis is their cultural capital, and they celebrate it until it achieves a cult status. Comedy as an autobiographical excess, overproduction of worthless facts and taking hostage of despair – all this is stirred and shaken, exploited and used, and at the end there are sandwiches!


Vanessa Stern invites women to examine the comedic value of their crises in front of a live audience. An experimental evening that doubles as a bar!  

featuring Lony Ackermann, Anika Baumann, Karla Nina Diedrich, Ursula Renneke, Maiden Monsters, Orit Nahmias, Bärbel Schwarz, Vanessa Stern, Laura Tratnik

SCENOGRAPHY Plate & Böttcher


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