kNoname Artist / Roderick George

Fleshless Beast

Taking influences from classical ballet, hiphop, breakdance, and modern dance, Roderick George contemplates race relations, being an immigrant, and challenges the status quo in his new piece, Fleshless Beast. Collaborating with artist LOTIC, both from Houston, Texas, they deconstruct their understandings of race, globalization, and their personal experiences through dance and music. Having received high praise by audience and critics alike at Tanztage Berlin 2016, George is back with this new piece!

CHOREOGRAPHY Roderick George MUSIC LOTIC (J'Kerian Morgan) LIGHT Tanja Ruehl DANCE Olivia Ancona, Vinson Fraley, Roderick George, Dominic Santia,  Harumi Terayama, Jin Young Won PRODUCTION, MANAGEMENT Gabrielle Veyssiere PUBLIC RELATIONS Bettina Ullmann


A production by Roderick George/kNoname Artist in coproduction with SOPHIENSÆLE. Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. Media partners: Missy Magazine, taz.die tageszeitung


Photo © Jubal Battisti





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