Every Body

Dasniya Sommer + Silke Schönfleisch

Bondage Duell

A 178cm tall ballerina and a 114cm small female government official on a trycicle appear on the scene. An uneven fight. The weapons: rope, muscular bodies and a thirst for adrenaline. Using classical dance means and Japanese bondage techniques, Bondage Duell examines physical and social patterns of bonding, empowerment and constraint. A place where cruelty and freedom, fun and curiosity lie closely together.


Dance Silke Schönfleisch CHOREOGRAPHY, DANCE Dasniya Sommer


A production by haus sommer in coproduction with Grenzenlos Kultur Theaterfestival and SOPHIENSÆLE. Media partners: Jungle World, Zitty and taz.die tageszeitung.


Photo © Holger Rudolph





13/8 EURO

Kombitickets 18/12 EURO

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